Steven V. Popovich

Q&A – (Self Interview)

This interview was conducted in an attempt to reveal the deeper intentions of the artist in relation to his work.


Q: Can you recall why it was you decided to pursue art?

A: Making things has always felt right to me. Creating and reassembling pictures, objects, words, and songs. It seems fundamental, necessary to my being.


Q: Do you feel the things you make will have an impact on world?

A: I feel everything everyone does has an impact on the world.


Q: You sound confident that one’s actions are a conscious decision.

A: That I’m uncertain of. At times I feel we have no more choice than a stone, but I also recognize that the universe is continually changing and often consider the possibility of consciously influencing its shape.


Q: This sounds like a conflict between the ideas of fate and free will.

A: Well to be conflicted would inherently suggest free will, which is exactly what I’m uncertain of. But uncertainty would also suggest free will. If it were free will one could make the decision to not be uncertain so I usually end up believing in fate.


Q: That’s convenient.

A: It was meant to be.


Q: So if all was meant to be, why do I sit here asking you these ridiculous questions?

A: Because you were meant to ask ridiculous questions, and I was meant to give ridiculous answers.


Q: How do I respond to that?

A: Try asking something simple, like “What’s your favorite food?”


Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Pizza. I’m tired. Can we stop now?


Q: Just one more. Do you find it self serving to sit here and interview yourself?

A: (no reply.)




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